Darkfall: New Dawn launch has repeatedly been delayed

ADarkfall: New Delay Delayeds of this article, Darkfall: New Dawn launch has repeatedly been delayed for the last several hours. Their forum seems oddly silent, with only the occasional joke or question. Is this an indication that the players are more mature and patient, or is this an omen of a lack of interest in the launch as a whole? Generally speaking, despite the fact that launch delays seem to be a commonality in MMORPG games, it is a bit uncommon for it to attract so little outcry. With some users complaining about the supposed professionalism of Ubergames and voicing concerns about the consequences as seen by other Darkfall games poorly managed, they are evenly matched by supportive comments. Still, though, the absence of more activity does raise some questions.

Then, we ran into an issue with characters/accounts that were abnormal, which has delayed us on each step of the road. We’ve had a couple similar issues throughout InDev, and in hindsight, we should have seen it coming. Via twitter.com

The developers are, no doubt, working hard on the issue. After all, you don’t get a chance to make a first impression. Launch days have infamously been predictive on the success or failure ofSupportive Darkfall New Dawn Launch Comments online games. On their official Facebook page, they seem met with rather positive comments. “The transperancy is great. I wouldn’t worry too much about those who are whining, they will play regardless if it launches today or next week,” and other such sentiments seems to be a norm for many posts.

Darkfall New Dawn Launch ComplaintsOn the other hand, you don’t need to go far to see jabs and complaints on their Twitter and public forum pages. Although few and far between, the mostly older player base does seem to host a few irritated individuals. They point the lack of preplanning and absence of a test environment to keep this from happening. One user mentioned their fears that this lack of preventative measures may give host to a slew of other problems branching from security to system failures. 

The transperancy is great…”

In the end, if you want to play, you need to wait. There will be compensation of game time, for what that is worth. The developers may need to do a little more to mend the reputation they have damaged, however. Whether the players are supportive, angry, or just relatively cavalier about a weak launch, no one can estimate the effect it may have on launch-week sales and new population.


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