Darkfall: New Dawn – Long March Siege

DEC 5/2016
BEEFCAKES siege Long March, their former home recently conquered by PERKELE. Concerned about the timing of the siege (early AM in EU), PERKELE asked for assistance from Giants.

Fighting had already taken place when I first got onto the field. We skirmished and scouted the edge of the city walls while the BEEFCAKES force (consisting of the NA-dominated Ruby alliance) took down the walls required to progress the siege.

Just before the required walls were killed, we managed to combine our forces and attempt an attack on the force inside Long March. This attack earned several kills, allowing us to scatter the siege force and hold the field.

The attackers returned for another fight as we were destroying the first siege stone but were driven back. We eventually killed both siegestones, successfully defending the city for PERKELE – for now.

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  • Raul Daniel
    January 26, 2018 at 4:41 pm
    are both servers going to launch for free or will they charge a sub?

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