Darkfall New Dawn – Marathain Siege

OCT 30/2016
Celiah sieges Marathain (a Lux Arcana holding) while his wardec holds out. Giants had decided beforehand to roam to the siege to help one side or the other.

Initially, we planned to show up to help Celiah since it was assumed that Lux Arcana would show in force. However, once we learned that the Lux allied forces were significantly outnumbered, it was decided we would help their side instead.

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  • Daniel Kavanagh
    January 28, 2018 at 4:41 pm
    The skill difference between DnD and Rise of agon is incredible. I can't figure out what draws so many bad players to New Dawn , is it the fact that rise of agon has a higher skill average and the people on New dawn want to be able to compete? I watched a few videos today and it was unbelievable

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