Darkfall: New Dawn – Return to Mar Shral

NOV 16/2016
With the week’s wardec on Rats in the Hats almost up, the decision is made to push for another siege – Giants will return to Mar Shral for round two. The amazing fights of the first siege were just too much to pass up, and Giants hoped for similar circumstances.

The siegestones are placed in the same position as the first siege, but everything else about this siege ended up being different. Both sides knew their opponents’ tactics, and a great deal of fresh new blood had entered or re-entered the game due to game-changing patches.

It was a great siege all around, just like the first. At the end of the day, Giants managed to successfully destroy the clanstone, taking the city for their own.

My only regret is some missed footage of a huge fight over the siegestones.

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